Use Local File System With Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow can connect to various cloud file systems which we are familiar with, e.g. OneDrive and SharePoint, but we often have some existing on-premise or local file system we would like to build some automation on. One of the tools to solve this requirement is that we can use file system connector in Microsoft flow, just with a few clicks, we can connect our local file system to Microsoft flow.

Installation & Configuration

Installation Steps:

  1. Browse to and click the gear icon on the top left hand corner
  2. Select “Gateways”
  3. Click “New gateway”
  4. You will be redirected to
  5. Download “On-Premises Data Gateway”
  6. Follow the instruction to install the application and remember the secrets you create during the installation

If you fail to installation, please check the requirement at here

Microsoft Flow Configuration:

  1. Add a new file system connection to Microsoft Flow
  2. Give the connection a name, configure the path, input your domain credential as below


A Message broker does not only do data transmission job, but also allows us to use subscription model, i.e. the message broker can receive result from a single source (e.g. Local File System), but the result can be consumed by various parties (e.g. Microsoft Flow or Power BI)



Infrastructure on Office 365, Power Platform and Azure Products

Infrastructure on Office 365, Power Platform and Azure Products